Season 4 Statistics

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Percentage of teams happy with season 4


Nice league with op staff. Very like to play there.”


“It seemed to me that the tournament has a good level, well organized and a bit innovative with bots for everything  and we hope to repeat the participation in the next edition.”

Tompinai Empire

“I have positive feedback for the admins and moderators of GCC. Well organized tournament and the bot is op. It’s nice to play in a tournament like this.” 

OES Purple

“It's been a blast, the staff is very friendly and helpful, really appreciate that you all do a great job, of all the tournaments we have participated in, this one is the most organized one in my opinion. Good job!


“I'm playing GCC first time and i think it's one of the most unique leagues. The bot is the thing that makes that league unique. I like that you can add/remove players/schedule the match with the commands. No need to look at multiple channels to find the information about the enemy's team reps, clans ect (negotiation channels are helping with that also). I didn't find any difficulty overall. I hope to play next season!”


“We are very happy to play GCC for many reasons: bots on Discord server: very easy to manage team and reduces times of administratively works. Staffs: every time they are focus on help and heard teams. Matchmaking and Clash Score: we like this so much, easy to access data and seems very professional. Thank you very much for your time and effort.”


“GCC season 4 has been great from representative perspective. The season was well informed in advance and the signing up, roster management as well as negotiation channels has made life real easy for us. The negotiations have not always been fluent but thats not GCC organizations fault, actually quite contrary staff has been active in enforcing that the negotiation go fluently. Furthermore the bot system has actually worked (until the unexpected bye came, but its now up and running again). Teams that we have played against have turned out to be really good ones too, and we have surprisingly found ourselves a bit underdog in our division.I can honestly say that GCC has been really fluent experience all around! Good Job!”

Burning Chicken

“GCC is a very beginner friendly tournament that provides simple rules and a really well developed bot for the procedure throughout the tournament. For more competitive teams there are exciting matches in the playoffs guaranteed. The competent staff and well organised server are a joy for every rep. 10/10 would sign up again.”


“Participating in the GCC is very rewarding, each season they excel and manage to present an even better version than the previous one, I believe that today is the biggest 5v5 tournament of the competitive one, it is a very different experience and to have access to everything about the league through the bot commands developed for the league is really fantastic, congrats admins!”

Iron Hawks